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Spring 8 week challenge

  • 57Days
  • 52Steps


This challenge is to kick start you back into creating good healthy habits, to help you find your motivation to workout, hydrate and get you body and mind ready for a new healthy lifestyle. This is not a diet but a kick start Every day will be a task with reminders for what you need to achieve that day. Each day you will be expected to : 🧊 drink 3 litres of water 🍗 hit your calorie allowance focusing on protein 🌴 spend 30 mins outside a day 🏋🏻‍♀️ exercise every day ( except one rest day a week) Your exercise can be the workout on that days step or any exercise of your choice. This can be a yoga session online, going for a run, a bounce class, or one of the workouts in the app. As the challenge progresses there will be specific workouts you will need to do along side your workout of choice. There are no foods off limits but focussing on hitting your calories and your protein levels. This will be explained on day one. ALCOHOL. Alcohol contains empty calories ( no nutritional value). Alcohol can slow down weight loss as it can dehydrate you but also cause you to lose control and over eat. If you choose to drink make sure you track it in your calories and be mindful of what you eat or how you use alcohol. As the

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