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Bootcamp and HIIT


With Claire

Sport Exercise
Sport Exercise

Boot Camp

This is a non- boot wearing boot camp designed to improve your overall fitness and well being. During my boot camps you will train almost all muscles groups while improving your cardiovascular health. Our main focus is building strength and confidence.I also measure you ( if you choose) at the start and end of every 6 week block. With each membership plan you also get to be part of a private online group where you can help support each other as well as access regular motivational tips and home workouts. 

My boot camps are designed for all fitness levels and groups are kept small to allow a more personal approach. No matter what your goal I will be there to support you the whole way.


30 min HIIT class

This exhilarating, high intensity interval training class is just 30 mins of non stop movement. For maximum efficiency its ll done in one place on your mat and mainly focuses on using your own  body weight to fire it up . 

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