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with Claire

Hi I'm Claire. Creator and owner of Bounce and Burn. Im a proud mum of four amazing children and married to a wonderful supportive man. 


A little bit about me. I have been a severe asthmatic since a very young age. Due to this I hated all forms of exercise. I was bullied for being overweight and struggled with my appearance. At 16 I attended my local college to study Law. I needed to take an extra A Level to get into the university of my choice so decided to take dance in the hope it would help me become more healthy. I loved it and after two years went on to university to study Dance and Choreography.


After having my first baby I went on to train as a fitness instructor and started working in a local health farm. Since then I have gone on to train in Pilates, Personal Training, Nutrition, Muscle Building, CBT, Child Psychology and became a Kangoo Dance Instructor. 

I then went on to work in mental health and later as a teacher, however, in 2016 I decided to quit my job and created Bounce and Burn.

I had only been on Kangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes a couple of times but I knew instantly that this is what I wanted to bring to my home town. 

The minute I put Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes on I fell in love. I loved how they made me feel when my body moved, how they made me work so many muscles at one time, how I felt no pain the next day. 

I started off with just 10 pairs of boots and a dream. Ive now gone on to own over 60 pairs of boots and selling even more to my customers who have also fallen in love with this addictive sport. 

Spreading the love of Kangoo Jumps is my goal and seeing people of all ages enjoying working out and seeing results is exactly why I do this job. 

Kangoo Jumps rebound boots have not only helped me become the healthiest version of myself but have helped me regain my confidence and improved my overall well being. 

Im extremely proud of  Bounce and Burn and look forward to growing and expanding across the Uk. 

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